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    Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007
    8:22 pm
    World of Warcraft -v- a little about the player

    My name is Misty Kesler, I'm 27 years old and live in Tri-Cities, Washington. I've been playing WoW for about a year and a half I think - It all got started when my boyfriend showed me the trailer to the game, and I fell in love with the graphic quality and the character animations.

    I had never played a graphic-based online MMOPRG or any other game on the PC for the matter, that wasn't text/html based. And yet, once I saw the trailer, I got up from my desk, and grabbed my purse and went to go get the game from a local WalMart.

    My Main is a Priest, named Trynyty and she's currently level 69.5 - There was a reason I Picked a priest; mainly because in a chat room RPG, Her name was Trinity, and she was a cleric. I saw priest, and I thought "Okay, this is pretty darn close to a cleric, so I'll go with this one." I will get into more about Trynyty the priest in another post, Right now I'm just doing intro's.

    I have a lot of Alts, who I will talk about more in other posts. There is Raynea, the Rogue - Sashawolde, the Druid - Triquettra, the Mage - Giavaunna, the Warlock; Windphury - the Warrior.

    I play on the Alliance side, though I do have a couple that are on the Horde side. Since I Play on Kirin Tor; it's possible for me to have both. (PVE)

    Well - that's it for this post, I will add more later.
    12:56 am
    12:39 am
    Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007
    8:41 pm
    Dear Journal
    I don't feel like doing much today - I have quite a headache and am debating on laying down or not.

    Of course, it might help if I ate something.

    Anyways, this is the beginning of my new jounral that is secrectly publicated. Pretty neat huh.

    hmm or something.. we'll see how it goes.
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